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St Margaret's enjoys the dedicated services of clergy, staff members and volunteers, some of whom are listed below.

View of the Church towerTo see more members of our team, take a look at the bottom of this page at the two groups of photographs.

Clergy and Staff

David Cutts is our Vicar.  He has been at St. Margaret’s since 1994 and has two children.

Keith Jones is an Associate Minister. If you would like to know a little more about him, click on the following link: Keith Jones

John Elliston is an Associate Minister. If you would like to know a little more about him, click on the following link: John Elliston

Phil Hall ( and Heather Jasper ( are our Church Wardens.

Contact points are listed on our Contact page.

Meet some of our team members:

People 01 2017

Top row (left to right): David Cutts (Vicar), John Elliston (Associate Minister), Keith Jones (Associate Minister)
Middle row (left to right): Christopher Tinker (Director of Music), John Girt (Captain of Bellringers), Phil Hall (Church Warden), Margaret Woodward (Dep Warden & Team Leader for Communication)
Bottom row (left to right): Lucy Drake (Team Leader for Church Building), Heather Jasper (Church Warden), Maggie Conder (Team Leader for Fellowship)


Some Team Members 

Top row (left to right): Helen Prior-Townsend (Team Leader for Youth), Margaret Llewellyn (Branch Leader Mothers Union), George Woodward (Local Giving Co-ordinator), David Hampson (Churchyard Co-ordinator)
Middle row (left to right): Peter & June Youngs (Team Leaders for Prayer), John Woodcock (Treasurer), Andy Turpin (Team Leader for the Church Centre)
Bottom row Dave Scott & Helen Woodfine (Parish Giving Officers)

Members of the St Margaret's Parochial Church Council (PCC)

PCC1 2017

PCC2a 2017